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St Andrews Staff 2017-18

“Teachers plan imaginative learning activities that reflect the creative learning focus at the school. Lessons are planned well to reinforce and extend pupils’ learning in previous lessons and a strong emphasis is placed on helping pupils develop a love of learning.” – Ofsted 2014

Teaching Staff

  • Jayne Rochford-Smith

    Jayne Rochford-Smith


  • Tristan Harris

    Tristan Harris

    Year 6

  • Niamh Johnston

    Year 4

  • Tamsin Stephen

    Tamsin Stephen

    Deputy Head

  • Kate Sandey

    Kate Sandey

    Year 5

  • Tilly Butter

    Year 2

  • Matthew Jarvis

    Matthew Jarvis

    Foundation Stage

  • Charlotte Buckley

    Charlotte Buckley


  • Kate Stacey

    Kate Stacey

    Foundation Stage

  • Maria Foster

    Maria Foster

    Year 1

  • Laura Davis

    Laura Davis

    PE Lead

  • Helen Shoubridge

    Helen Shoubridge

    Year 3

  • Paula Malone

    Year 3

Support Staff

  • Sharon McDermott

    Sharon McDermott

    Foundation Stage TA

  • Miriam Nettell

    Miriam Nettell


  • Pru Stone

    Pru Stone


  • Chris Bradley

    Chris Bradley

    Key Stage 2 TA

  • Lisa Bowen

    Lisa Bowen

    Key Stage 1 TA

  • Alex Cook

    Alex Cook

    Key Stage 1 TA

  • Charley White

    Charley White


  • Honor Willis

    Honor Willis

    Key Stage 2 TA

  • Amy Skinner

    Amy Skinner


  • Ellen Simmonds

    Ellen Simmonds

    Key Stage 2 TA

Office Staff

  • Nicola Armstrong

    Nicola Armstrong

    School Secretary

  • Michelle Camaibatiki

    Office Assistant

  • Heidi Frydman

    Heidi Frydman

    Business Manager

  • Rebecca Clay

    Office Assistant

  • Samantha Wilkin

    Office Assistant